SMUB Launch | CryptoUni Genesis

On 10 August 2018, SMU Blockchain Club (SMUB) had its official launch alongside CryptoUni's Genesis Night. It was a night filled with informative panel discussions, networking, and SMU students & alumni getting to meet with blockchain experts and the blockchain community in Singapore.

Student Initiatives

We kicked off the event with the first ever introduction of CryptoUni by one of its co-founder. CryptoUni is a student community which has grown rapidly over the past few months, reaching more than a thousand members currently.

Next up, SMUB came up to share their vision and plans for the upcoming academic year (AY18/19); the team has spent a lot of time the past months deciding on the best approach to ensure their members grow. Ultimately, SMUB hopes to inspire and enable the student community to acquire skills and knowledge of blockchain technology in order to adapt to its disruption of various industries. SMUB also announced its partnership with Consensys Academy, where SMU has been one of the few schools in the world invited to take part in the upcoming MBA Blockchain Venture Competition in the Fall of 2018.

The co-founder of Nanyang Blockchain Association (NBA), also spent some time sharing about NBA's past efforts and upcoming efforts. Once again, we were reminded of how student communities in Singapore have been aggressively getting more involved in blockchain technology.

Panel Discussions & Information Session

There were two panel discussions, where the first panel discussed on Blockchain Opportunities, Now and the Future. This panel consisted of Singapore's leading blockchain professionals, having Spencer Yang, the founding partner of #Chain, Professor Xinshu Dong, CEO of Zilliqa, Yusho Liu, CEO and co-founder of Coinhako, Professor Zhu Feida, Chief Scientist for Talenta Group & co-founder of Symphony, and Zhuang, the CEO of XSQ, to all come down to share their experience and thoughts of the vast opportunities ahead in the blockchain space.

Aly Madhavji, the Managing Partner at the Blockchain Founders Fund also came down to share deeper insights on the different industries blockchain technology is currently being experimented in.

Following on, we ended our night with the second panel which consisted of millennials - students who have yet to graduate, shared their views on the theme of Blockchain Application, in the Eyes of Millennials. We had students who had experience in Ethereum & NEO development, Blockchain Advisory and ICOs come down to share their thoughts on picking up new skill sets relating to Blockchain Application. This gave new perspectives to other students who were either new to blockchain technology, or students who were finding ways of being able to better understand the applications of blockchain technology.


Once again, we are extremely thankful for such a great turn out, and SMUB would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who turned up for this very significant event. 

p.s. to SMU students, see you at Vivace 2018 this 17 August!


Evan Tan
President, SMUB